Accepted Papers

ID Authors, Title
1 Yuehua Bu, Chentao Qi and Junlei Zhu. Injective Coloring of Halin Graphs.
2 Haiyang Zhu, Junlei Zhu, Ying Liu, Shuling Wang, Danjun Huang and Lianying Miao. The list L(2, 1)-labeling of planar graphs with large girth.
3 Yan Li, Yusheng Li and Ye Wang. Maximum subgraphs in Ramsey graphs.
4 Junran Lichen, Jianping Li, Wencheng Wang, Jean Yeh, Yeong-Nan Yeh, Xingxing Yu and Yujie Zheng. On Approximations for Constructing 1-Line Minimum Rectilinear Steiner Trees in the Euclidean Plane $\mathbb{R}^2$.
5 Lili Liu and Chunyu Fu. A Batch Scheduling Problem of Automatic Drug Dispensing System in Outpatient Pharmacy.
6 He Huang, Baizhou Shi, Yuelan Zhu and Wei Gao. A two-stage medical expenses estimation model for inpatients during diagnosis process under artificial intelligence environment.
7 Bei Niu, Bi Li and Xin Zhang. Complexity of tree-coloring interval graphs equitably.
8 Jing Fan, Hui Shi, C. T. Ng and T. C. E. Cheng. Bounded parallel-batch scheduling problem with job delivery on a single machine with an unavailability constraint.
10 Shi Yin and Jian Chang. The Early-Warning Model of Evaluation and Prevention for Venous Thromboembolism in Gynecological Tumor Surgical Patients based on WSOM.
11 Wenjing Liu, Yuan Ding, Xin Chen, Qizhi Fang and Qingqin Nong. Multiple Facility Location Games with Envy Ratio.
12 Gengjun Gao, Zhen Wu and Shuyun Wang. The coordinated decisions of service supply chain between tumor healthcare alliances and patients under government intervention.
13 Xingjian Ding, Wenping Chen, Yongcai Wang, Deying Li and Yi Hong. Efficient mobile charger scheduling in large-scale sensor networks.
14 Yi Du and Hua Yu. Medical data compression and sharing technology based on blockchain.
15 Bin Li, Tengfei Li, Xinye Zhou and Chen Huang. Model Establishment and Algorithm Research of Tumor Marker Combination Prediction for Colorectal Cancer.
16 Huidan Lin and Huijing Wu. Safety Evaluation and Lean Disposal of Clinical Waste in Outpatient and Emergency Department of Large Hospitals.
17 Yan Jihong, Wu Liang, Zhang Shuying, Liang Hongguang and Lin Qiang. Effects of Taijion Participants' Knees :A Behavioral-Modeling Approach.
18 Ling Gai, Ying Jin and Binyuan Zhang. Mixed Distribution of Relief Materials with the Consideration of Demand Matching Degree.
20 Dongjing Miao and Zhipeng Cai. New Results on the Complexity of Deletion Propagation.
21 Yunlong Liu, Jie Chen, Jingui Huang and Jianxin Wang. On Fixed-order Book Thickness Parameterized by the Pathwidth of the Vertex Ordering.
22 Shaojie Tang and Jing Yuan. Adaptive Robust Submodular Optimization and Beyond.
23 Xiaomeng Wang, Shou-Jun Xu and Xianyue Li. Independent perfect domination sets in Semi-Cayley graphs.
25 Weichan Liu and Xin Zhang. Total coloring of outer-1-planar graphs: the cold case.
26 Ling Chen, Zhicheng Liu, Hong Chang, Donglei Du and Xiaoyan Zhang. Online BP functions maximization.
27 Wei-Xiang Wang, You-Lin Shang and Shuo Li. The theories of a novel filled function method for non-smooth global optimization.
29 Yong Wang and Zunpu Han. The frequency of the optimal Hamiltonian cycle computed with frequency quadrilaterals for traveling salesman problem.
30 Qiufen Ni, Jianxiong Guo, Chuanhe Huang and Weili Wu. Community-based Rumor Blocking Maximization in Social Networks.
35 Li Ning and Yong Zhang. Search Complexity: A Way for The Quantitative Analysis of The Search Space.
36 Fengmin Wang, Xiaodong Hu and Chenchen Wu. 2-Level Station Location for Bike Sharin.g
38 Xuehou Tan. Polynomial-time algorithms for the touring rays and related problems.
42 Xin Chen, Qizhi Fang, Wenjing Liu and Yuan Ding. Strategyproof Mechanisms for 2-facility Location Games with Minimax Envy.
43 Xin Jin, Min Chen, Xinhong Pang and Jingjing Huo. Edge-face list coloring of Halin graphs.
44 Wei Ding and Ke Qiu. Minimum Diameter Vertex-Weighted Steiner Tree.
48 Xing Wang, Guangting Chen, Yong Chen, Guohui Lin, Yonghao Wang and An Zhang. Improved hardness and approximation results for single allocation hub location.
50 Long Wan and Jiajie Mei. Revisit of the Scheduling Problems with Integrated Production and Delivery on Parallel Batching Machines.
52 Yang Zhou, Jianxin Liu, Min Li and Qian Liu. A Bi-Criteria Analysis for Fuzzy C-means Problem.
54 Guichen Gao, Xinxin Han, Li Ning, Hing-Fung Ting and Yong Zhang. Robustness and Approximation for the Linear Contract Design.
58 Yunwang Zhang and Hejiao Huang. Multi-AGVs Pathfinding based on Improved Jump Point Search in Logistic Center.
59 Min Cui, Dachuan Xu, Longkun Guo and Dan Wu. Approximation guarantees for parallelized maximization of monotone non-submodular function with a cardinality constraint.
61 Haiyun Sheng, Donglei Du, Yuefang Sun, Jian Sun and Xiaoyan Zhang. Approximation Algorithm for Stochastic Set Cover Problem.
62 Zhuo Diao and Zhongzheng Tang. Approximation algorithms on signed graphs.
63 Peng Zhang and Zhendong Liu. Approximating Max $k$-Uncut via LP-rounding plus Greed, with Applications to Densest $k$-Subgraph.
64 Bin Fu, Pengfei Gu and Yuming Zhao. Polyhedral Circuits and Their Applications.
67 Bin Liu and Miaomiao Hu. Fast Algorithms for Maximizing Monotone Nonsubmodular Functions.
70 Jinying Lu and Hejiao Huang. Distance-based Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search Algorithm for Green-PDPTW.
71 Lu Han, Chunlin Hao, Chenchen Wu and Zhenning Zhang. Approximation Algorithms for the Lower-Bounded Knapsack Median Problem
72 Xiaoyun Tian, Dachuan Xu, Donglei Du and Ling Gai. The spherical k-means++ algorithm via local search.
73 Kung-Jui Pai. A Parallel Algorithm for Constructing Two Edge-disjoint Hamiltonian Cycles in Crossed Cubes.
74 Meixia Li, Xueling Zhou, Jingjing Tan and Wenchao Wang. Non-Submodular Streaming Maximization with Minimum Memory and Low Adaptive Complexity.
75 Baoling Ning, Jianzhong Li and Shouxu Jiang. Range Partitioning within Sublinear Time in the External Memory Model.
76 Sai Ji, Dachuan Xu, Donglei Du and Ling Gai. Approximation algorithm for the balanced $2$-correlation clustering problem on well-proportioned graphs.
79 Boting Yang and Tanzina Akter. One-Visibility Cops and Robber on Trees.
80 Yishui Wang, Chenchen Wu, Dongmei Zhang and Juan Zou. Local search algorithm for the spherical $k$-means problem with outliers.
82 Wang Yijing, Xu Dachuan, Du Donglei and Ma Ran. Online Bicriteria Algorithms to Balance Coverage and Cost in Team Formation.
83 Weiwei Zhang, Alin Gao and Ling Gai. Selfish Bin Packing with Parameterized Punishment.
84 Hua Chen, Vincent Chau, Lin Chen and Guochuan Zhang. Scheduling many types of calibrations.
85 Satybrata Das, Laxman Saha and Kalishankar Tiwary. Antipodal radio labelling of full binary trees.